Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Come And Be Part of Our Respectable Negro Church Family This Evening!

This post goes out to all those sad souls who were dragged unwillingly to New Year's Eve church services as children....

Our church is the church of hope and joy. One only has to laugh, smile, and enjoy life to be a member of our flock. We are the Church of Respectable Negroes. Non-denominational. Pig worshippers (the pulled pork or Cubano pork sandwich is our Eucharist). Hedonists. In all seriousness, and whatever God you may (or may not) worship we send you the best of wishes for this upcoming year.

If you need some fellowship this evening we bring forth four options for your reflection. Which church will you join?

Oh behold the one and only Bishop Don Magic Juan:

Hell, I need some more money this year. Do you? How can anyone possibly hate on Reverend Ike's sense of style?

Tut, Lord of Grapes and God of Junk, do you hear our prayers? We are all junkists who practice junk each and every day, each in our own way:

We are also racially inclusive and progressive. In the immortal example provided by Akeem the African Dream, blackness is a state of mind and soul, not skin color, phenotype, or place of birth:

Update: Well damn! Courtesy of our commenter Jacked Up Jazz suggested a clip that I missed! Although I was watching Joe Joe Dancer last night I must admit I have never seen this clip...

If you all have any other suggestions send them on--

Drink and be merry!


RC Gray said...

this is SO much better than those late-night tarrying services.

Gabriella said...

The most inspiring blog I´ve ever read. Hope you will continue! Happy New Year to You!

I have added your blog in my blog

Will you add my blog in your blogroll

Thank you

jacked UP jazz said...

Is this an open forum? If so you missed one.

Al From Bay Shore said...

Happy New Year. I have a gift for the more nerdish member of this tribe of respectable negroes. His name escapes me. I believe I am right in assuming that this "nerd" is, in all likelihood, a Star Wars fan. An admirer at the very least. If this is so, and I do believe this to be true, then he has an angst if not a disgust towards "The Phantom Menace". For him, I pass on the latest review of "The Phantom Menace". Its vicious, damning, and hysterical - all at the expense of George Lucas. This is the first part of a seven part excoriation of the first Star Wars prequel. Enjoy!

jacked UP jazz said...

And education is a powerful thing but not nearly as powerful as a misspent youth.

Harold Washington my feet

I believe there's an attack of lunacy going around here that...