Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Black Children Kicked Out of Pool Because They Would Change Its Complexion

And some people think we make this stuff up.

Do these white troglodytic mouth breathers think that these black kids are going to change the color of the water? Random self-congratulatory ego stroking moment: how can you not love such Oscar Wilde like wordplay?

These racism still exists in this glorious day and age of a post-racial Barack Obama America news stories are anticlimactic. Maybe, because I am a respectable negro who is more than tired of telling white, black, and brown young people that racism is alive and well (and that they should not be surprised by it) that I find these stories trite. But again, it could also be that because I am from New England and have experienced enough racism from WASP's and white ethnics alike in places such as Boston and Rhode Island that I know better than to buy into the all is good for people of color north of the Macon-Dixon line narrative that some cling so dearly to.

As will be my habit with such stories, let's go to the peanut gallery aka the comments section of NBC Philadelphia (the station which aired this story) to get a sense of where the public stands on this issue.


ALJ says: Seriously can't you just picture this in your mind? 50 black kids running at once jumping into a swimming pool! I don't blame anyone who's already in the pool for getting out. A LOT of black people in general are rambunctious, loud and ignorant to common sense. How many times have we been out at a movie or restaurant and in walks loud mouthed black people disrupting the otherwise pleasant atmosphere? I'm not afraid to admit it because it's the truth!

Josh says: Go swim somewhere else. Quit sh*tting in other people's neighborhoods. It's a private club, they can refuse admittance to anyone for any reason, you whiners.

JMC says: This will make the media...not what was supposedly said by Whites true but I don't think that means anything to the media. Blacks realized they can say anything when it comes to race and it is suppose to be believed. Sharpton & Jackson have made their whole careers on untruths and half-truths so has so many class action law suits. The other thing is; I have seen inner-city kids come into an area and destroy and intimidate with bad manners. The question is when as a society are we going to stop making excuses for them and being baby sitters to woman that don't want to work and men that feel no responsibility to their children. Blacks as a group have run out of excuses for their lack of good behavior. At some point we will have to cut them lose and tell them they are on their own and responsible for themselves.. Kids will be kids but they also have to have manners and that includes social manners when they come to a public place or are invited into a private place such as this.

Bob says: I smell another fabricated story reported in order to increase racial tension in America. There is not a single public or private facility in this country that would risk their license and years of court costs to kick out a single "minority" for solely racial reasons. The idea is absurd, considering the ease of which anyone can sue in this country. What likely occurred is that some of the children ruined the trip for everyone when they began to fight or "play rough" in the pool.

David says: I don't agree with the clubs actions, They are a private club and may have the right but I still think its wrong, kinda like I think The Black Congressional Congress is WRONG but hey I guess your allowed to be a racest as long as your not WHITE!!!! The press could help by not calling them Minority's and it would have READ much better if it stated " 60 young AMERICANS ( who happen to be Black ) were turned away from a private club... If you want to self segragate yourselfs by calling yourselfs a African American or a Minority then you should expect Americans to treat you like a African or a Minority.. Wake up and set yourself free by not allow anyone to call you anything but an American, leave the tribe mentality and join America..

Joe says: Obviously, the black kids were acting up and not following directions and it was probably the life guards who told the club management to shut things down. Remember that this is a private club with extensive legal liability for injuries. I myself usually leave pubic parks or community pools when too many black kids show up. It is the way of things. Only a cynical liberal would point and sputter at this.

Daycoming says: To all of you like-minded "Dans" being Black itself is a "behavior", a "manner", a "situation". Even if the kids were raucus, which by the way, the Pool Director didn't indicate, because if the kids were, you can be sure he would have pointed that out, this would NOT have happened if 60 raucus, loud, white kids had jumped in the pool. The white youngsters would have been deemed as "just being kids"...which is what the black children were being - KIDS!!


A. Spence said...

If only we could make it up.

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Just enough rage boiled up after reading this post and viewing the video that my muse reared her head and... screamed!

Thank you Chauncey. It is stories like this one that always manage to fill me with anger and the question of, "What the hell is wrong with us?"!

RiPPa said...

I didn't read the comments when I posted this on my page. It was suggested by one of my readers that I do.


The way those comments read above, you'd think that Un-respectable Negroes were out of place to begin with. You would get the sense that this type of segregation still occurs and is in fact warranted.

Maybe there's a no-Negro clause in their insurance papers or something?

blaqbird said...

yikes! i don't even know what else to say....

Unknown said...

isn't there a legal and/or financial recourse? hitting the the club in the pocket is the only way to hurt these people otherwise they can just shut the gates and ignore the situation..

Anonymous said...

It's okay. We have a black president now. No worries.

Milagros Villamil said...

As a blogger and someone who knows who i am my question is .Who are NEGROS? and why would any concious group of African descendants call themselves NEGROS?
My name is Milagros Garcia Villamil, AfroCuban agitator, activist and former practicing Atty.

I will not be joining this group and where i am glad that the issue concerning the children has been addressed it has a long way to go to being addressed clearly at this site.

Perhaps, when one goes back to the incident at the pool, it may have been possible that the invite did not come from the top dogs, Rather, from a lowly racist staff member who knew that the NEGRO in charge would not do the footwork to track down the invite?
It is also possible that the pool Adm/ city fathers et/al are hoping that a little African boy and a little white girl would not connect and make a Negro" baby further changing the complextion.??

Theory, as long as African descendants remain in denial about our culture, ethnicity and continue to accept and use, the inane labels like red bones, teasing tan, the Negros, Colored, black, Brown, Mestizo,& Mulatto white racist will play the race card, because you stand for nothing and fall for all.
This is a site that i would not recommend to any concious African descendant and i am ashamed.

PS i can be found all over the net

chaunceydevega said...


Alas, the gene for irony and satire is not one that you have.

We welcome your thoughts and contributions, but even as we grapple with having a blues sensibility born of our experience in the New World, and the U.S., in particular, one cannot take ourselves too seriously as it is damaging to the soul.

Read some of our other posts with an open mind and perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised.

I will put your comment up as a feature as I think you raise some interesting questions about the politics of naming: colored versus negro versus black versus Afrikan versus African American, etc.



Ok Cd i will give it a shot. I believe in youth, and will support you..Just please no more negros!! please!!!