Monday, December 1, 2008

Gordon Gartrelle Says: I got the Itis

I want to apologize to our readers for my extended absence. Every day Chauncey has been begging me to write something to balance out his…um, unique voice. I’ve been telling him that I’ve been busy with work and travel. In truth, even before November 4th, I’ve been suffering from a mystery affliction that’s sapping my desire to write about politics.

Consider the following juicy stories that I’ve ignored recently:

McCain’s “B” Girl hate crime hoax and white victimology.

White liberals laying Prop 8’s success at the feet of black (and Latino) voters.

This website and black satire.

Two months ago, I would have been all over these. Now, I’m just not moved.

The symptoms of my affliction include:

Apolitical tendencies
General malaise

Diagnosis: The Obama itis/ Post-election fever

Does anyone else have it?

What is the cure?


Annette C said...

Now it's time to talk about the World's reaction to Obama's election, Castro's comments and Cuba's fears of a Black uprising, and all the other far reaching ramifications of this African American becoming the so-called 'ruler of the free world'. Revel in the victory and write on!

Unknown said...

From a lot of chatter I've seen, most white liberals aren't blaming Prop 8's success on black voters: they're blaming it on Mormons. This is simply my perspective on the broad tenor of the white, leftist illuminati commentary on the matter. But Mormons have been getting hammered by the left as the sole perpetrators of this vote - and that is simply not reflective of the facts.

Anonymous said...

Just how is that website you referenced in the sentence about black satire supposed to be taken? It seems to have traveled down the street and around the corner passed satire and into a whole new neighborhood. Does that really still count as satire?

As for the general malaise, it will pass. Perhaps after the holidays the excitement over inauguration will take hold. :)