Thursday, December 6, 2007

Zora Says: "It's Hammer Time," Again?

He's back! The Bo Jangles of the early 90s has returned. After making millions of dollars (and losing all of it) consuming hip-hop and gospel and regurgitating it into a pulp that could be easily marketed and digested by mainstream audiences, MC Hammer has begun a new venture. Apparently, he is launching a a new internet site that focuses exclusively on dance videos. The idea behind DanceJam is to provide a space for dancers around the world to share their moves and for others to presumably learn the basics. "From end-to-end, dancing goes so far," he says. "You know, from street dancing to Broadway dancing to modern to jazz to tap to cheerleading ...." MC Hammer is looking for a global audience, citing the popularity of India's Bollywood films. "Dance drives every movie — so imagine the international implications there. So it's just a great opportunity for a language that is global to do really well ... and also for me to make a buck" ...

... yet another tool for negrophiles around the world: How to be a Negro in 5 Simple Dance Steps.

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gordon gartrelle said...

I really want to clown Hammer, but I think that this is a pretty good idea.

It would be nice for people from all over to be able to see the variations on relatively complex regional dances like the Erroll Flynn and The Percolator, and the simpler dances from today's ringtone rap, those from my childhood (The ET, the Prep, Robocop, etc.) and those from previous generations.

Though I think the idea has potential, knowing his financial history, I wouldn't give him a dime.