Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Conversation with James Hansen About His Biography and the New Movie "First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong"

There are two guests on this week's podcast.

James Hansen is a professor of history at Auburn University in Alabama and the author of the acclaimed biography First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong. Dr. Hansen has also served on the Research Advisory Board of the National Air and Space Museum and the Editorial Advisory Board of the Smithsonian Institution Press.

Hansen shares his thoughts on the new movie First Man starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, what it was like to advise Gosling on the role, consulting on the script, and how different audiences have imposed their own political views onto the movie.

In addition, Hansen reflects on how fame impacted Neil Armstrong and what it was like to get to know Armstrong over the course of the many years it took to write such a definitive biography. Hansen also offers some insights into the relationship between NASA and the color line through such notables as the black women who were the "human computers" that helped to make the moon mission possible.

Reed Tucker is the second guest. He is a journalist and author whose writing on entertainment and popular culture has appeared in the New York PostEsquireFortune, USA Today and elsewhere.

His most recent book is Slugfest: Inside the Epic 50-year Battle between Marvel and DC.

Reed and Chauncey discuss the life and legend of the now departed Stan Lee. What is true about Stan Lee's life and what was fantasy and myth? Who were Stan Lee's friends and enemies? How can we view Stan Lee's life as a type of roadmap and barometer for the past, present and future of comic books and graphic novels?

On this week's podcast Chauncey sounds the alarm about all of the animals hurt and in need of help because of the California inferno. Chauncey also makes some Thanksgiving week movie recommendations and then shares some "entertaining" stories about Donald Trump's corrupt new acting Attorney General and the latter's involvement with "inventions" such as a toilet for "well-endowed" men, Big Foot DNA, and money for time travelers.

And of course, Chauncey has to shine a light on how Paul Manafort--one of Trump's henchmen--is apparently very much into "interracial" cuckolding and sex parties.

This week's podcast with Dr. James Hansen and Reed Tucker can be 
listened to or downloaded here.

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