Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Donald Trump, the GOP, and Paradoxes of Race and Class in America

The brilliant and much missed Stuart Hall famously observed that "race is the modality in which class is 'lived.'"

In this political moment where superficial, lazy, and under theorized analysis and claims that "economic insecurity" is driving support for Donald Trump (hint: it is not), Hall's incisive comments on how race and class intersect remain essential. 

In the last few days and weeks, there have been a series of pieces online that have also tried to explore the connections between white identity politics, race, and class--with varying degrees of success--which are worth reading.

They include:

Politico's "What's Going on With America's White People" has a solid conversation with several excellent scholars and analysts (including the authors of the two new books "White Rage" and
"White Trash"). It is noteworthy because Politico's piece, for the most part, does not let the lazy "economic insecurity" canard go uninterrogated. 

To get the best understanding of American society, life, and politics do look abroad. The Guardian's piece on the paradoxes of white identity politics, "small government" and Trumpism is great writing. It also reinforces how the (white) masses are very much assess in America.

Mark Dudzik, writing at the excellent First of the Month, gives a sharp accounting of his first hand experience with the problematic intersections of "diversity," white identity politics, and the neoliberal order during his time as labor organizer.

Any other pieces to add to this list or other examples of sharp and smart writing to share?

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