Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Easter Holiday Semi-Open Sunday Thread

For those so inclined, I wish you all a happy Easter holiday. As you celebrate a man who supposedly existed, and then rose from the dead like a zombie, but yet did not seek out the brains and flesh of the living, I hope you have a good, peaceful, and reflective day. When the pagan Easter Bunny comes to bring you jellybeans and other sumptuous victuals, I hope that he does not attack you, tearing flesh from bone, and leaving you a broken mess.

For this Easter, I will be cooking beef bourguignon. I will continue struggling to perfect this most deceptively challenging of dishes. She is the bane of my cooking existence--along with a cheap electric oven that does not heat properly and my very questionable palate.

As is our Sunday habit, please do share any stories of personal or public concern that you deem appropriate. Any Easter plans? Fun stories of Easters past? Love and frolicking brought to you by the Easter Bunny? Disasters brought to your home, family, or person by that wicked beast?

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