Tuesday, January 12, 2016

White Privilege in Action: The Bundy Brigands are Now Openly Threatening and Harassing People in Oregon

Sometimes a small change in language can reveal an obvious truth.

As I have written about here and elsewhere, done interviews about, and discussed more generally, if the Bundy Brigands who are engaged in an armed "standoff" in Oregon were "Muslims" or people of color--especially African-Americans--they would at worst be dead by now or at the very least in jail.

The Bundy Brigands have begun to amplify their noxious, aggressive, and threatening behavior towards local authorities and residents who live in the area around Burns, Oregon.

I have made a small change in the language of a recent report from CNN about the Bundy Brigands in order to highlight how the double standard for white, right-wing, domestic terrorists enables their bad behavior and insulates them from consequences, i.e. what conservatives like to call "personal responsibility".

Ask yourself, imagine if you would, how the response would be different by the federal government, Fox News, the corporate so-called "liberal media", and the general public, if the following story ran on CNN.

Since the black militants/Muslim terrorists occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge came to town, there has been an increase in the number of "vandalism, harassment and intimidation reports," Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward said.

"There are continual reports of law enforcement officers and community members being followed home; of people sitting in cars outside their homes, observing their movements and those of their families; and of people following them and their families as they move around the community," Ward said on Monday.

"While not direct physical threats, these activities are clearly designed to try to intimidate," he said.

Some of the black militants/Muslim terrorists have been able to leave and return from the refuge center during the occupation.

"Let me be clear: The law enforcement agencies -- those that are local as well as the sheriff's deputies from around the state, the Oregon State Police troopers and the FBI agents -- will not be intimidated from doing their jobs.

"Everyone on the law enforcement side is working together to bring a peaceful resolution to this situation, and the behavior of the black militants/Muslim terrorists from outside of our community only serves to escalate the situation unnecessarily."

Ammon Bundy, the son of the black militant/Muslim terrorist Cliven Bundy, and others have been hunkered down in the wildlife refuge since early January. The militant/terrorist occupation started out as a call against the conviction of Dwight Hammond and his son Steven -- two militants/terrorists who were found guilty in 2012 of committing arson on federal lands in Oregon -- but soon morphed into a bigger movement, rallying against the role of the federal government when it comes to land rights.

Ward says that both law enforcement and employees for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which runs the refuge, have been harassed recently by the black militants/Muslim terrorists.

He says Fish and Wildlife workers have seen vehicles driving slowly or idling in front of their homes.

"Self-identified black militant/Muslim terrorist militia members" will approach them in public, according to Ward, trying engage in a debate about the federal government.

"The black militants/Muslim terrorists on the refuge -- and those who they have called to our community -- obviously have no consideration for the wishes or needs of the people of Harney County," he said. "If they did, they, too, would work to bring this situation to a peaceful close."

Ward said after a recently issued "call to action," more armed black militants/Muslim terrorists and "outside militia members" have begun to show up...

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