Monday, December 14, 2015

The Joy and Spite of Fundraising with White Supremacist Hate Mail Part 4

Here is the fourth installment in my racist hate mail fundraising series.

We are at the beginning of the third week of the annual December fundraiser here at I am so appreciative of the kindness that has been shown to me by the friends and fans of my work online and elsewhere. We are about 70 or so percent to the goal. I will use the kind donations to start a video podcast next year. There is something in process that those kind donations will also help me follow through on in the best way possible. Details to come. Thank you notes are also in know how I like to wait until the end of the fundraiser to send those out properly. If you can throw some copper, gold, silver, or paper into the donation bucket and virtual begging bowl it would be much appreciated.

Today is hate mail Monday. Could be a theme. I hope not.

One of my recurring fans sent over a second missive. Apparently, I am an "insufferable nigger". He used that language on the white supremacist website where said Right-wing sewer dweller shared his triumphant email. He was seeking satisfaction from his white supremacist brethren and to this point they are none too impressed. However, I may get "I am an insufferable nigger" emblazoned on a t-shirt! Could make for some good merchandise to sell once we get the site redesigned.

Here is the second email for our fundraising drive where hopefully I will able to respond to this bigot with notes from the kind folks who donated to support my online work, both out of generosity, and to spite the wicked forces that people of conscience are struggling against on a day-to-day basis.


American empire was built on the genocide of First Nations people and the enslavement of blacks. The United States Constitution also limited citizenship to white property-owning men only.

BZZZZZ! 2/3rds incorrect: We Whites are the true "First Nations" people; the Aztecs, for one example, rolled over so easily because their religion looked forward to the return of the "WHITE, BEARDED gods" who founded their civilization populated with brown, beardless non-gods. But of course you really mean the blanket-assed scalper savages, the vast majority of whom died from diseases they had no resistance for. It's telling that we never hear you shitlibs trying to guilt-trip Asians for the Black Death (the disease - not you niggers).

Your whole "argument" boils down to this: we crackas must hang our heads in shame because we wanted and still want to take the only safe, sane course and remain the majority in the land created with the blood, sweat & brilliance of our pioneer ancestors. The "guilt" for this uniquely unspeakable legacy o' racism should impel us to open wide our borders & our legs to all the world's brown Wretched Refuse that hates our guts for mostly imagined wrongs. It's the only thing Decent People who want to be Redeemed will do.

To which we reply: FUCK YOU, you jew shoulder-chipped uppity coon. Self-funded Trump came along just in time. Under him, we're not only going to remain in possession of our inheritance, we're going to begin to make you Cultural Marxist scum pay for being a usurper minority that sneeringly forced your will on us for nearly a century.

Picture a boot in the face. Forever.

Peace OUT.

Jay in VA

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