Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Politics is Professional Wrestling: Why Did Cornel West go on Fox News to Talk About Black Lives Matter?

The school year began yesterday. I am a bit tired and in need of a nap. I was wondering, as you all likely have some thoughts on the matter, why in the hell does Cornel West go on Fox News?

Moreover, why does Cornel West dignify the blonde haired authoritarian Goebbel's white Right dream fantasy that is Megyn Kelly by wasting his time in a discussion of the "black lives matter" movement with her?

And why doesn't Cornel West quickly dispose of the foolishness offered by reactionary white supremacist mouth-breathers in their dishonest yammerings about "black on black crime"?

Cornel West is a highly trained philosopher would could destroy the Fox News white Right on first principles, i.e. why are white American movement conservatives acting like they care about black people's safety and security when their ideology is motivated by anti-black and brown sentiment and policy? Where is all of this concern about black people's safety when white conservatives instinctively defend white on black police violence and thuggery?

Politics is professional wrestling. Cornel, like the other workers, is just playing a role it seems. Disappointing. Or am I wrong?

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