Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion: Chauncey DeVega's Guest Appearance on 'The Root and Roots Show'

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to chat with Gregory Abdur-Rasheed on his Blogtalk Radio show Root and Roots. He is cool folks and I appreciate his relaxed and friendly--yet still solid--conversational style. Gregory is a veteran of traditional radio: you can hear this in his voice and by how he establishes a nice rapport with his guest.

Gregory and I go about 90 minutes. I prefer a relaxed long-form conversation as it enables us to talk about a range of topics, including, but not limited to, the Charleston Massacre, Obama, science fiction, the economy, and Gregory's work in prisons.

I had a good time on the Root and Roots show. I think you may find it entertaining as well.

The show can be listened to below or directly here.

How has your weekend been? Any fun stories, discoveries, or other matters of public or private concern to share?

Am I the only person who had a tear in their eye from the Star Wars: Episode 7 "behind the scenes" video from Comic-Con or had a nerdgasm from the Batman versus Superman trailer?


Justin M. White said...

My weekend was tainted by Confederate apologists making some seriously bizarre "legal" arguments about secession and Reconstruction. Confusing as that was (I wasn't interested enough to untangle their argument), this was more disappointing:

Also the removal of Nathaniel B. Forrest's shrine from public property compounded the public history debate theme. It's really difficult to get across that our public history isn't neutral. I can't even remember how many "they're erasing history" comments I saw. Confederate monuments don't just spring out of the ground.

SW said...


Great conversation with Gregory. I listened to the end and heard your thoughts on changing the name of the site to "Indomitable". I really try to refrain from criticism like this, and am partially only doing so because you said you were possibly going to open it up to your readers.

I've been reading/listening to WARN for almost a year now, so am still relatively new, although your site is a part of my daily constitutional around the Internet. Based on my perception of your writing, and from what I know of your personality from your podcasts, I'm not sure Indomitable is consistent with your overall tone. Your writing and narrative is very intellectual and sharp, yet accessible and clear. Indomitable sounds WWE-ish. Which may be a compliment....but also, incorrectly conjures snowmen.

I feel like someone has just told me the name of their yet-to-be-born child, and I have criticized it, only for them to use the name. But thought I'd offer my two cents anyway.

Have you considered sticking with WARN, but dropping the acronym? Or how about harkening back to some old AA daily publications such as the Chicago Defender or Chicago Crusader, Capital Outlook, or Las Vegas Sentinel Voice. Obviously dropping the geographies.

I apologize if my critique is uncalled for.

chauncey devega said...

The name change is my initial go at it. I am not good at such things so I will see what folks think and if they have any suggestions. When a name becomes distracting and is hurting more than helping it is time to change it and move on.

skilletblonde said...

What a great interview. I will probably listen to it again. I was happy to hear Chauncey touch on a matter that I find utterly frightening in racist America. The power of images. Those demeaning violent depictions of black people in Mass Media that's unceasing. It's a billion dollar industry. Chauncey mentioned the First 48 and Cops. But the worst I've seen is a channel called "Investigations Discovery". This is a network that does crime reenactments. Everyday, you can count on this network showcasing a crime in which a black male killed a white woman. Some of the cases are quite old. However, the network has scanned millions of cases to find those that fit this racist stereotype. After the George Zimmerman verdict came (July 13,2013) back, this network went on a scary black man marathon. Now remind you what Dylann Roof said? The following week beginning on July 15, 2013, I began monitoring the program. This is what aired.

1) July 15, 2013 the 2010 case of Leonel Marquetti, an African American male that was so jealous of his German girlfriend- that he killed her white handyman.

(2) July 16, 2013, the 1995 case of Eugene Victor Britt, an African American rapist and serial killer

(3) July 17, 2013, the 2009 case of Ethan Mack, an African
American, along with his white girlfriend, killed, tortured and robbed a white woman.

(4) July 18, 2013 the 1999 case of Tyrone Delgado, an African American male serial rapist-who killed and raped a white woman

(5) July 18, 2013, the 2006 the case of Frederick L. Harris, an African American male that murdered a white woman in her home.
(6) July 18, 2013, the 2012 case of Glenn Witherspoon, who stabbed his white pregnant girlfriend. She and the baby survived

(7) July 19, 2013, the 2009 case of Terry Sellers and Taiana
Matheny, an African American male with his white looking Latina
girlfriend went on a killing and robbing spree.

(8) July 19, 2013, the 2002 case of Quincy Hall, an African American male who killed his white co-worker along with 2 other whites and an African American

(9) July 19, 2002, the 2002 case of Larry Tooley and Tina Young, an African American male and his white girlfriend-who killed a 16 year-old white teenager, Young used to babysit the victim. They were trying to rob the victim's home for drug money.

Chauncey also mentioned the trash talk shows which is also another grand display of black pathology. But there is also the court shows. Many of which are hosted by African Americans. The worst of that Lot is Judge Mathis and Paternity Court. Then, there are the prime time reality shows. Here African Americans are featured as violent and woefully ignorant. This infrastructure of black pathology not only hurts African Americans, because it is global, it hurts all black people.

By the way, the night that the Zimmerman verdict came in, I had my television tuned to MSNBC. Immediately after the verdict was read, they returned to regular programming. It was a show called "Thieves And Thugs." The opening segment showed a black male jumping on the counter of a convenience store, and robbing a white female. The power structure in this country needs these images. After all, when the country collapses, and it will, they want to make sure that Dylann Roofs descend on the African American communities- not theirs.

SW said...

You're doing great work. Looking forward to whatever you decide.