Friday, January 13, 2012

Laughter is Your Friend: Courtesy of Comedy Central, Do You Want to Win DVDs of Sinbad, Eddie Griffith and Patrice O'Neil?

I promised to bring the readers of We Are Respectable Negroes more goodies in the year 2012. I generally pass on promotions, but this most recent offer from the good people at Comedy Central was too good to let slip by.

This Sunday will feature the debut of comedian Kevin Hart's special "Laugh at My Pain." Dude has gotten lots of great press and you should certainly check him out at 9pm EST.

As a nice incentive to spread the word about his show, Comedy Central is offering up the following DVDs to all of you: Patrice O’Neil's"Elephant in the room"; Sinbad's "Where you been?"; and Eddie Griffin's "You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It."

We have 3 sets of DVDs to give away, so there is much goodness to go around.

As is our habit here at WARN, you need to put in a little work to win this great set of prizes.

Here is what you need to do.

In keeping with my ghetto nerd roots, I would like you to imagine that space aliens have finally made first contact with Earth. If you had to choose one comedian, either living or dead, as humankind's ambassador to the universe, who would you send and why?

This contest will run until next Wednesday night. Get creative, be reflective, make your case, and win a prize. Pretty easy, no?


SL Meyer said...

The late and great Godfrey Cambridge. I grew up during his reign. He told -via comedy- the stories of life in the USA of that time (and also tossing in some of the past) of black, white and other peoples with finess, class and much dignity. And he always told the truth and was spot on. Google him, watch the old youtube vids and you'll see what I mean. He was never a buffoon or minstrel comedian, nor was he mean, uncouth or angry (like many who've followed behind him) but you could (if you got it or lived it) at times tell when he was a bit pissed a bit about a subject matter. It was his nature to try and reach as many as possible with the stories he told in his routines and he knew if he came off as mean, uncouth and -or especially- "ANGRY", his stories wouldn't be heard. I believe he got though to quite a bit of his audiences. This is the comedian I would want to represent Earth. No anger, no woe is me, no hate, not cooning or farce, just the truth, clean, pure and unwhitewashed.

And then, when the aliens talk to him and hear the stories and read the histories of Earth, they'll realize they have enough bullshit to deal with regarding their own and they'll run from Earth at warp 9 like the Sheliak are after them and go back from whence they came.


They decide to wipe us out right then and there because they do not want Earth's people to venture out to the stars and spread our bullshit like a plague.

Anonymous said...

Respectable Negroe, legendary entertainer and author William H. Cosby Jr. 'Nuf said.

chaunceydevega said...

@SL. I learned something new. Will check him out.

@Mingus. Mr. Jello pudding pop?