Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tea Party Neo-John Birchers Harass and Heckle Man with Parkinson's Disease

White trash.

Once more--if you would be kind enough to indulge my self-citing repetition--these are the grandchildren of the same people who brought their children to lynchings wearing their finest Sunday dress, or in later years (and a more seemingly benign mood) signed restrictive housing covenants to keep "the undesirables" out of the neighborhood, and threw rocks at buses carrying black and brown school children to protest integration.

Question: How many of these "health care" protesters are themselves on Medicare or Medicaid (or have relatives who are?) Second question: Ohio is one of the states hardest hit by the Great Recession. Would those handouts the teabaggers are protesting include unemployment benefits that many of them have or will soon be receiving? Or mortgage assistance from the federal government? Or public schools, tax credits for their children, or the like?

But then again, these folk are so principled that they would refuse any "government handouts" lest they be dirtied by such monies.

For example, listen to this interview on NPR's Morning Edition with an unemployed truck driver who has insurance through his wife's job (make note of the vitriol he has towards Obama).

This rabble is the hell spawn of a broken political system, an increasingly fractured public discourse, and a desperate ugliness on the Right. I do sincerely hope that the GOP, and the Tea Party/Palin crowd to whom they are increasingly beholden, take to heart the words of Colin Powell as they try to fix what is a deeply broken political party:

I do not want to see the Republicans fail as a party. I truly don't. Not because I am amenable to their politics, but rather because I fear the collateral damage their implosion will do to all of we red or blue or somewhere in between.

To you folks on the Right, will you please get your house in order? For right now it seems that you are going to pull the temple roof down upon us all.


Voluminously Yours said...

Long time reader, first time commenter.

I just want to tell you guys that this blog is the only blog I check religiously and I love it.

Thanks for keeping up the brilliant work!

Cobb said...

You want to know what I find hilarious? That there are TWO WARS going on, and this is what you talk about.

chaunceydevega said...

Oh my interlocutor Cobb, you can wax philosophical on your Ayn Randian libertarian I am an island onto myself foolishness and I will was philosophical on whatever tickles my fancy. Isn't these Internets grand!

But again, no response? These are the folks you are in bed with? I know that if those were a bunch of "unionists" or "progressives" doing such a thing you would be all over it.


CNu said...

you can wax philosophical on your Ayn Randian libertarian I am an island onto myself foolishness


rilly-doh - Sarah Palin IS hotter'n a $2.00 pistol.