Friday, September 12, 2008

The Niggaro Universe Proclaims: Democrats’ Support for Liberal McCain Proves That They Put Country Last!

****Because of the hole in the space time continuum created by the Large Hadron Collider, the Niggaro Universe has overwritten the universe of We Are Respectable Negroes. Scientists are diligently working to correct this problem, and it should be rectified in the next few days. For now, because of the influence of this alternate reality things are changed. Our Barack Obama is now "Barack O'Bama," a white Republican, Sarah Palin is a black Democrat, Joe Biden is Joe Biden but just a Republican, and John McCain is a maverick, Democratic populist. Zora, Gordon, and Chauncey have been replaced by their doppelgangers from the Niggaro Universe. They are the same, yet different. If you too have been changed by the disruption of the space time continuum do not feel obligated to resist. Instead, indulge your new self until this Crisis on Negro Earths is remedied****

Quick thought experiment: Imagine that a Republican candidate had graduated at the bottom of his class. Be honest—such a Republican wouldn’t be able to sniff the presidency, not in a million years; yet the last two Democratic candidates, George W. Bush and now John McCain, have a proven record of mediocrity. They only got ahead because of their daddies. Call it affirmative action by nepotism.

Republicans produce proud candidates who forge their own paths. Consider Republican war hero John Kerry, whose stellar combat record was shamelessly savaged by the liberal media during his 2004 Presidential campaign.

But let’s look more closely at media darling John McCain.

Fact: Hothead McCain graduated 5th from the bottom of is class at the Naval Academy.

Fact: After reaping the benefits of being the son and grandson of admirals, McCain crashed five planes. Five!!!!

Fact: McCain dated strippers.

Fact: McCain recorded 32 propaganda films for the Viet Cong. In these tapes, he condemned America. And he has the absolute gall to question our doubts about his patriotism?

Fact: McCain divorced his first wife once she was crippled, but not before he started cheating on her with Cindy.

Fact: McCain again benefited from nepotism when Cindy’s father—himself a crook, by the way—hired McCain to his beer distribution company.

Fact: McCain was a member of the Keating 5 and was proven to be not a maverick, but an entrenched corrupt Washington insider.

Fact: McCain called his wife a “cunt” in public.

Fact: McCain has several questionable radical associates.

Fact: McCain claims to be for the people, but he and his zillionaire wife, with her $300,000 outfits and half a million dollar credit card charges, don’t even know how many houses they own. And they want to call the O’Bamas elitist?

What all of this adds up to is that we can learn a lot from the judgment and the character of Democrats who have chosen McCain to lead their party and our country. What does it say about Democrats that they have fawned over a traitorous dimwit with an overblown military record? What does it day that they back a gigolo who has never had to do an honest day of work in his life due to his daddy, granddaddy, and daddy-in-law? What does it say that he exhibits the lack of family values that those on our side exalt over all?

Because the radical, angry leftist media refuses to tell the truth about this man’s character and past, it is up to us, the righteous conservative warriors on radio and on the internet, to let the American people know the truth!

The Nigarro Universe Proclaims: "Quota Queen" Sarah Palin's ABC Interview is More Proof that Affirmative Action Has Failed All Americans

****Because of the hole in the space time continuum created by the Large Hadron Collider, the Niggaro Universe has overwritten the universe of We Are Respectable Negroes. Scientists are diligently working to correct this problem, and it should be rectified in the next few days. For now, because of the influence of this alternate reality things are changed. Our Barack Obama is now "Barack O'Bama," a white Republican, Sarah Palin is a black Democrat, Joe Biden is Joe Biden but just a Republican, and John McCain is a maverick, Democratic populist. Zora, Gordon, and Chauncey have been replaced by their doppelgangers from the Niggaro Universe. They are the same, yet different. If you too have been changed by the disruption of the space time continuum do not feel obligated to resist. Instead, indulge your new self until this Crisis on Negro Earths is remedied****

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network in conjunction with the Super Excellence in Broadcasting Station and Uncle Chauncey El Limbo O'Reilly DeVega brings you our Friday Talking Points Memo:

While the liberal media and the McCain campaign cry foul over the phrase "lipstick on a pig," Sarah Palin, Democratic Candidate for VP was preparing for her television interview with ABC News.

After watching the interview I can now see why the Libs were so desperate to make sure that Sarah Palin was "comfortable," was going to do the interview at a "time and place of her own choosing," and when the media was going to be "deferential" to her.

The Democrats don't need to be worried about O'Bama's joke about lipsticks and pigs, when in fact they have said much much worse. After watching the Palin debacle, the folksy phrase the Democrats need to be worried about is one I learned from my grandma: You Can't Polish a Turd!

While we know that Palin's selection as VP is the product of identity politics on the Left, this need to put a black and female face on their ticket in order to win over their base and to shore up their liberal credentials, still shocks me. I remain amazed out how they couldn't find someone who is actually qualified for the position of vice president. Is there not one person of color in the Democratic Party with the ability to step up and take the reigns as Vice President?

If one were to watch Palin and imagine her as president, with the authority to make important decisions which impact our nation and the world, the picture that would be painted would be truly frightening:

1. Palin would have us at war with Russia. Assuming she knows where Georgia is, she actually believes that the United States should deploy military force against a country with thousands of nuclear warheads to protect Georgia? Excuse me, Georgia? A small country of marginal geopolitical influence, and one that is certainly not worth a nuclear war.

2. Israel. I will say it again Israel. Miss Earmark Palin would cede our national interests to another country. Palin it seems would give Israel a blank check to do as it wishes with the full assurance that the United States would back their play. Are you kidding me? Does Palin know anything about international relations and the fact that countries are self interested actors? Accordingly, you never cede your authority to another country because it is rarely in your favor.

3. The Bush Doctrine. God bless Charles Gibson for throwing Palin a lifeline. In watching her fumble for an answer I almost felt bad for her. Watching her it reminded me of the scene in the movie Caddyshack where Chevy Chase is trying to teach Bill Murray how to golf and he's kind of saying, "You're not, you're not ..." And he's standing behind him and he's trying to -- and he says, "You're not good." Palin's performance resonates with me and reminds me of that scene because frankly, she's just not good.

4. The Bush Doctrine point 2. Palin clearly didn't know what the Bush Doctrine is. I will repeat it, this woman, this affirmative action hire, doesn't have a basic knowledge of foreign relations. Yet, she is going to be one heartbeat away from the presidency. Am I the only one scared to death by this? As Palin fumbled through her answer it was striking how unqualified she is and how this whole thing came about within the Democratic Party. I think it really goes back to the fact that nobody had the guts to stand up and say no to a black woman. Ironically, these liberal policies, this policy of playing identity politics over merit is going to end up strangling liberals too.

5. Palin on Foreign Affairs again. Watch the video of Palin again. For your own sake, and because I don't want you to believe that I have convinced you of this fact, please watch her interview on ABC a second time. If you do, you will see the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee wandering aimlessly in desperate hope for a cogent thought. Again, if Sarah Palin were Caucasian, they would have taken this woman out on the basis of pure ignorance long ago.

6. Hubris. Did Palin even know what the definition of hubris is? Clearly, we see why she needed six years and four colleges to earn a Bachelor's degree.

America we are at a real cross-roads with this election. On one hand you have Barack, a real visionary, the American success story, a young man of destiny and vision. On the other hand, you have a party that has insulted the intelligence of the American people. The Democrats think you are stupid America! They think that black people and women will vote for Sarah Palin just because of her gender and her skin color. The Democrats are doubly insulting because they think that by trotting out a woman who uses her family as a prop that they can win votes. This is sad, sad, sad.

Sometimes we have to swallow a bitter pill. I feel sorry for Sarah Palin and I mean this sincerely from my heart. She is clearly over matched and under qualified for the job she has been offered. It is because of this very reason that I am against affirmative action and quotas. These programs hurt the very recipients of the programs by putting them in positions for which they are under prepared and ill equipped. Palin is the product of set-asides and special privileges. Her whole career has been the result of someone opening a door for her and lifting her up. Not once has she ever had to pull herself up by her bootstraps, not once!

The America we Republicans love, the America of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson is one where you make it on your own. The America we Republicans love is that of Martin Luther King Jr., one where you are judged by the content of your character and the strength of your ideas. This is not Sarah Palin and the Democratic Party's America. No, their country is one of special privileges, quotas, and affirmative action.

Sadly, Palin's interview showed us just where those policies will lead us.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Niggaro Universe Proclaims: Sarah Palin -- A Radical, Welfare Queen Who is Out-of-Touch with Mainstream America

****Because of the hole in the space time continuum created by the Large Hadron Collider, the Niggaro Universe has overwritten the universe of We Are Respectable Negroes. Scientists are diligently working to correct this problem, and it should be rectified in the next few days. For now, because of the influence of this alternate reality things are changed. Our Barack Obama is now "Barack O'Bama," a white Republican, Sarah Palin is a black Democrat, Joe Biden is Joe Biden but just a Republican, and John McCain is a maverick, Democratic populist. Zora, Gordon, and Chauncey have been replaced by their doppelgangers from the Niggaro Universe. They are the same, yet different. If you too have been changed by the disruption of the space time continuum do not feel obligated to resist. Instead, indulge your new self until this Crisis on Negro Earths is remedied****

The face of Sarah Palin has grinned from the cover of every major news publication since she was announced as the Democratic, vice-presidential nominee. That she is clearly supported by the liberal media shows once again how out of touch they are with mainstream American values. What is the basis of their support? Palin’s speech at the Democratic convention showed little more than that she is photogenic and adept with words. What do we really know about Sarah Palin?

While there is little known about Sarah Palin’s career before she formally entered politics, we do know that she spent significant time as a “community organizer” for an extremist, Christian fundamentalist sect. A former Catholic with a history of marijuana use and a record of dating strippers, Palin was converted to the evangelical perspective by a boyfriend when she was a teenager. Her academic records indicate that she was kicked out of four community colleges across several states for poor academic performance and for behavioral issues related to religious intolerance. She finally managed to get a degree in Communications from the University of Idaho through their fast-track, affirmative action program.

Those who are close to Palin share that she married her husband, Todd Palin, when she found herself pregnant with their first child. While Palin has consistently described herself as “a strong, black woman,” it seems that she had no problem turning to the state for welfare handouts while her husband demonstrated his own lack of ambition by spending his days fishing and playing basketball. Palin’s affirmative action education proved useless in helping her find meaningful employment.

Sarah Palin came to the attention of Democratic operatives in her home state of Alaska when her welfare benefits were eventually cut off. Outraged, she demanded that the state support her pro-choice perspective to have more babies than she and her husband were able to support. In asserting her sense of entitlement, she proved herself able to rally the support of others who shared her radical views. Democrats saw an opportunity in Wasilla’s growing evangelical community and tapped Palin to run in the town’s mayoral election. Even Democrats, however, were surprised when she won.

As mayor, Palin quickly found that the most lucrative welfare benefits to be had were in the form of government earmarks designed to circumvent the merit-based allocation process and curtail the ability of the Executive Branch to properly manage funds. Palin took the title of “Welfare Queen” to an all new level when she secured record level earmarks for her cronies. The Democratic leadership found her to be more useful than they had ever imagined and began making long-term plans for her. Leaders within her extremist, Christian sect also found Palin to be useful. Believing that he had a direct line of communication to God, Palin adopted Pastor Kalnins as both her religious counselor and her political adviser. Pastor Kalnins and other sect leaders were able to mobilize a voting block for Palin by preaching that their members would be condemned to” a lake of burning fire” if they did not cast their vote for her. (It is reported that one of Palin’s early election slogans was Cast Your Vote for Palin or Be Cast Into Hell!)

Sarah Palin made history on Dec. 4, 2006, when she took office as the first African-American woman to hold the position of state governor. Since taking office, her top priorities have been what she has termed “resource development.” It turns out that this is just a fancy phrase for milking the federal government and directing resources to her pet projects. Others like her include Marion Berry and Kwame Kilpatrick. While Berry and Kilpatrick were eventually exposed for the ghetto figure-heads that they were, Palin has been able to effectively fuse her minority status together with her gender to create a protective shroud against criticism. Comments pointing out the truth are rallied back as sexist and racist. This tactic is so successful that the Democratic presidential nominee is now using her as his personal mouth piece. In spite of her new status as a media darling, Sarah Palin is simply a fast talker who can’t be trusted.

Sarah Palin touts herself as a leader with “executive” experience. Even if we set aside the fact that she defers to a store-front preacher with no political background and that her rise in politics was the result of an affirmative action fast track, there is still the matter of her family. Throughout her personal pursuit of political gain, she has given birth to no less than five children. It seems that family planning and personal responsibility are basics that Palin has chosen to ignore.

Palin’s oldest son and daughter carry the sins of their mother – Hezekiah is addicted to crack and La’Shawnda is unmarried and pregnant. Not surprisingly, Palin has expressed not an ounce of shame about her children’s difficulties. Instead, she is parading her daughter’s “baby daddy” on the national stage with claims that marriage is imminent. (Insiders report that the “baby daddy” was actually threatened with physical violence by elders within Palin’s religious sect if he refused to participate in the current sham.) Unwilling to help her son through his addiction, Palin has made Hezekiah the government’s problem by forcing him to join the military.

The saddest and most shameful of all is Palin’s neglect of her youngest child, Pooty. Born with developmental disorders, Pooty Palin has been left to the care of his oldest sister while Palin selfishly pursues political power and her husband hangs out on the corner with his basketball “homeboys.” Palin’s short comings as a mother clearly reflect what we can expect from her as one of our nation’s top leaders.

Although we know painfully little about the real Sarah Palin, what we do know is enough to make us all tremble at the thought of her representing the American people. Sarah Palin is an extremist figure who does not reflect our values as a nation.

Sarah Palin? Welfare Queen, yes. American Vice-President, absolutely not!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Niggaro Universe Proclaims: Barack O'Bama-Visionary, Leader, Cut from the Cloth of Ronald Reagan, a Hero, and Future Leader of These United States

****Because of the hole in the space time continuum created by the Large Hadron Collider, the Niggaro Universe has overwritten the universe of We Are Respectable Negroes. Scientists are diligently working to correct this problem, and it should be rectified in the next few days. For now, because of the influence of this alternate reality things are changed. Our Barack Obama is now "Barack O'Bama," a white Republican, Sarah Palin is a black Democrat, Joe Biden is Joe Biden but just a Republican, and John McCain is a maverick, Democratic populist. Zora, Gordon, and Chauncey have been replaced by their doppelgangers from the Niggaro Universe. They are the same, yet different. If you too have been changed by the disruption of the space time continuum do not feel obligated to resist. Instead, indulge your new self until this Crisis on Negro Earths is remedied****

I am disgusted by the attacks on our candidate by the Democratic Party. They say he mocks them, that he is a sexist, that he smears Sarah Palin as being a pig with lipstick. They are afraid of his potential I tell you. They are afraid of his patriotism. They are afraid of what they believe is an impossible dream come to life. O'Bama cannot exist in their America. But I tell you, in our America, in the America of Republicans, there are thousands, millions, tens of millions of little O'Bamas, boys and girls, waiting, yearning, preparing to change America--spurred on by Barack's example, and in their own time ready to make history.

I sit here teary eyed as I think about Barack O'Bama. He is a visionary. He is a true leader. He is experienced. He is ready to lead. America is at a cross roads and fate has blessed us with an amazing leader. While the Democrats would tell you that he is not ready to lead, that he does not have the experience to lead, that he is embroiled in petty local politics, tarred by his associations with "real" Americans, we patriotic, God fearing, heartland, lunch pail voters know differently.

O'Bama is our story. What person doesn't see Ronald Reagan when they hear his voice? Who can't be proud at his amazingly American story? Visualizing this young man in that most American of States, Hawaii, surfing and swimming, embodying even as a child, the wonderful and amazing diversity of peoples, creeds, and places that these United States have to offer.

Barack's life is an American story. He is the product of immigrants who rose from humble beginnings to find success. Barack never complained, never cried foul, never apologized for his life circumstances. Raised by a single mother, reaching out to mentors wherever he could find them, and a God fearing man, he found his way to Harvard University--that most esteemed and elite of institutions. From there, he graduated as president of the Harvard Law Review and went onward to win positions as a representative for the state of Illinois on both the state and national levels. America is amazing. Don't listen to those America haters, those tired "liberals" in the media, those who no longer believe in the hopeful possibilities of America's greatness. Ask them: where else could a man of such humble beginnings find his way to the White House? In what other country could a man raised with the values of the heartland: hard work, distinguished service, educational excellence, and loyalty to family find himself at such a young, age, only 3 months away from the being President of the most powerful country in the world?

Family matters to Republicans. Family matters to Walmart moms, those Americans struggling to do the right thing even when it is easier to do the wrong thing. Family matters to those small town Americans who comprise the beating heart and soul of this country. Family matters to those blue collar Americans who pay their taxes on time, volunteer in their churches, and contribute to their communities through volunteer service.

Family matters to Barack O'Bama. Community matters to Barack O'Bama. When it was easier to go to Wall Street or to a big investment firm, our nominee said, "No!" Instead he went to work as a volunteer in Chicago. When it was easier to run off and make millions in the private sector our nominee said, "No!" Instead, he entered into that most selfless of professions and became an educator. When it was easier to take the public's money as he ran for president our candidate said, "No!" Instead, he said I can stand on my own. This is your, our, America's Barack O'Bama.

Some would say that this story of uplift, of self-help, of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, the Barack story is a lie, a fantasy, something that we Republicans cling to in our nostalgia. What the Democrats don't understand is how this story is true, it is reality, it lives in every small town, in every entrepreneur, in every child and grandparent of immigrants, in every ancestor of those who arrived on the Mayflower, and in the soul of every child whose parents hail from Latin America, China, or Korea. America works because its citizens believe that it works. America is embodied in men and women like Barack O'bama.

And I won't lie, America is embodied in wonderful and supportive partners and spouses like Michelle Obama, an amazing woman, mother, friend, and I will admit it, because we all need a wall upon which to lean, that rock upon which Obama rests his tired and weary shoulders after he has come home exhausted and tired because he has fought for you, the American people. And how can you not love those beautiful, poised, and charming children? America, Barack is our America. Barack is our family. Barack is you. Barack is me.

Some say America's best years are behind us. Some say we are an imperial country, and Lord I hate that idea because what empire has given the people of the world so much? Has given so much to so many?

No, no, no, no! We are a giving people. We are a righteous people. Barack O'bama, a future world leader, a man that publics around the world are supporting, are rallying to, is the next, greatest, hope, for peace and prosperity. Think about it my fellow Republicans, Barack isn't even elected and the world has anointed him its leader. It is only in this party, a party of great individuals, where men and women rise because of their ability and not because of patronage, where excellence is cultivated, and we are beyond the petty identity politics which would allow a fraud, a hollow hope such as that Sarah Palin to be considered for vice president, that a man like Barack O'Bama could be nominated for president.

Barack, like Reagan, just as he stood before those wonderful Ivory white, Romanesque columns, that magisterial display that was our convention, will anoint a new era. America, following the leadership of this considered, confident, accomplished, and amazingly intelligent young man, will bring young and old together, healing the wounds of petty division, and crossing the divides of party to usher in a new American century. We, us, America, will once again be a beacon shining on the hill for all peoples starved of freedom, for all people who yearn for change, and for all Americans ready to walk forward into another century of American greatness.

Barack O'Bama you are our child of destiny. Barack O'Bama we are indeed lucky to have you as our future president.

The Niggaro Universe Proclaims: All Your Base Are Belong to Us!

I Think I Know What is Going on--The Niggaro Universe is Flooding Into Our Own

The last broadcast on the news said something about multiverse theory. These are the moments where I am thankful that I am such a geek.

Apparently, theoretical physicists have long known that there are all these universes overlapping one another. This isn't really a new idea, we just could never prove it.

Normally, you can't see or interact with these multiple universes except for those vague shadows you sometimes see--you know those shadow people--out of the corner of your eye or for the random sense of de ja vu we all sometimes get. We know something is there but we can't process it...and it can't hurt us. Now, the Hadron Collider has torn open a hole between our universe and another one. The scientists are turning off the Hadron Collider. And they are also using some type of heavy proton beam to accelerate their closing of the rift. But, the catch is that it won't close for a few days at least.

Damn, I hope we can all stay calm long enough for reality to come back to normal.

It seems that the effects are not consistent across the Earth. They seem to be related to our proximity to the Hadron Collider. In Europe things are totally crazy with knights and such running around downtown London. Vikings have apparently been sighted in the North Atlantic. In the U.S., the effects are more random and sporadic for now. But, the authorities are saying the entire world will be impacted by the "Hadron Wave" in a few hours. Let's just hold our breath and try to get through this together.

From what I can figure out from the signals we have received from the different tv stations in the reality that is overlapping ours (that reality knows something is up as well, their Earth is called "Niggaro" and they are as freaked out by this as we are), things are similar but also different. We all exist, but we may change somehow, or be influenced by our peers in the parallel universe. The rules as I have figured out are that most things are the same, so if we stay cool we should be fine. I am concerned because one of the scientists on the EBS said that the Niggaro universe has more dark matter so it may actually overwrite our reality for a time until things equalize and return to normal.

I am deeply disturbed by what I have discovered so far:

1. Obama is a white Republican named O'Bama;
2. Palin is a black woman who is a Democrat;
3. Biden is still the same, but instead is a Republican;
4. McCain is a maverick, populist Democrat.

This is going to be a wild ride...may God have mercy on us all.

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network Brings You the Following Emergency Announcement

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network has been asked to make the following announcement.


This is not a test. We repeat this is not a test. This morning the Large Hadron collider in Switzerland was activated for the first time. This machine, which is designed to recreate the effects of the Big Bang, has created a chain reaction that is altering the relationship between space and time.

Scientists from around the world are working on correcting this problem. We advise all citizens, especially those in large cities, to remain in their homes or places of work. The federal government in conjunction with your local authorities are deploying police and National Guardsmen to maintain public order. Again, the Hadron Collider is causing citizens to hear voices, to see objects and people which are not there, and to experience a general sense of confusion and panic. Again, we urge all citizens to remain calm, to stay in their homes, and to follow any and all directions given to them by local, state, and federal authorities.

Your government is here for you and is diligently working to correct this problem. President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have been relocated to secure command centers where they are monitoring the day's developments. The presidential and vice presidential nominees have also been secreted away to secure locations.

More news will be broadcast as it becomes available. Again, you are all urged to remain calm as the world's best scientists are diligently working to correct this problem.

The World is coming Undone, What Type of Madness is this????

Something is really really wrong.

I urge all of you to put on your televisions and radios. I don't know what is really happening, but it is bizarre beyond belief. Luckily, the internet is still working...thank God that is the way the Department of Defense designed it. On television, there are all these images overlapping with the pictures already there. On CNN and Fox, the news is alternating between stuff that makes sense, and information which is totally non-nonsensical. Someone called my landline--thank God I still have one because the cell phones are down--and they were asking how I was doing, but I have no idea who they are, but they seemed to know a great deal about me.

This may sound crazy, but it was almost like I was doing acid again (I wasn't a good boy in college) and I saw all these strange things on the television. I am not kidding! On the news someone was doing a story where Obama was white and a Republican! Then they showed a picture of Sarah Palin and she was a black Democrat! And McCain was a Democrat too! Our reality is coming apart at the seams or something, it is almost like that comic book series Crisis on Infinite Earths with all the different Earth realities collapsing together. Or maybe the first Matrix when Neo wakes up from his dream. Hell, the world is going down the toilet and I am thinking of a comic book and the Matrix Movies. I must be really losing it...

Chauncey DeVega says: The Large Hadron Collider Passes First Test--I Don't Buy It Because Something Seems Wrong Here

The powers that be are saying the Large Hadron Collider worked fine. But I don't believe them.

There is something heavy in the air. It almost smells of ozone. The television and radio are picking up different signals...lots of interference, and signals overlapping one another. I am a bit freaked out. It's surreal, really surreal. This is getting real weird, like something out of a science fiction or Stephen King novel.

Here is the propaganda they are circulating:

Massive particle collider passes first key tests

By ALEXANDER G. HIGGINS, Associated Press Writer

GENEVA - The world's largest particle collider passed its first major tests by firing two beams of protons in opposite directions around a 17-mile (27-kilometer) underground ring Wednesday in what scientists hope is the next great step to understanding the makeup of the universe. After a series of trial runs, two white dots flashed on a computer screen at 10:26 a.m. (0826 GMT) indicating that the protons had traveled clockwise along the full length of the 4 billion Swiss franc (US$3.8 billion) Large Hadron Collider — described as the biggest physics experiment in history.

"There it is," project leader Lyn Evans said when the beam completed its lap.

Champagne corks popped in labs as far away as Chicago, where contributing and competing scientists watched the proceedings by satellite.

Five hours later, scientists successfully fired a beam counterclockwise.

Physicists around the world now have much greater power to smash the components of atoms together in attempts to learn about their structure.

"Well done, everybody," said Robert Aymar, director-general of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, to cheers from the assembled scientists in the collider's control room at the Swiss-French border.

The organization, known by its French acronym CERN, began firing the protons — a type of subatomic particle — around the tunnel in stages less than an hour earlier, with the first beam injection at 9:35 a.m. (0735 GMT).

Eventually two beams will be fired at the same time in opposite directions with the aim of recreating conditions a split second after the big bang, which scientists theorize was the massive explosion that created the universe.

"My first thought was relief," said Evans, who has been working on the project since its inception in 1984. "This is a machine of enormous complexity. Things can go wrong at any time. But this morning has been a great start..."

the lies continue here.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chauncey DeVega's World of Ghetto Nerds: Rejoice! The Large Hadron Collider will be Activated Today

Ghetto nerds rejoice because history will be made later today when the Large Hadron Collider is activated on the Franco-Swiss border. This amazing device will recreate the beginnings of the universe at the time of the Big Bang and allow scientists to create particles, and observe phenomena, that to this point, have only been the stuff of imagination. I love theoretical physics. I will say it again, I love theoretical physics. Now, there are some Luddites who believe that the world is going to end, that we will unleash energies which will destroy the Earth, or that our world will be swallowed up by a black hole. This is all rubbish, come tomorrow we will be smarter as a species as we take a few more baby steps forward in our knowledge of the natural world. I may not be religious, but I am very spiritual. It is in these moments that my faith is renewed because science does in fact help us to understand the mind of God.

Here is a little more theoretical physics goodness as my boy Mr. Michio Kaku explains multiple universes and parallel dimensions:

To Hell With You: Sarah Palin's Religious Views

We are all damned to hell! Voters, conservative and liberal alike, should be really alarmed about Sarah Palin’s religious background.

Sarah Palin is a conservative, Christian fundamentalist who believes in a supposed “literal translation” of the Bible. This is fine, except that she also believes that it is completely appropriate for her religious views to shape her political actions. “Among other things, she encouraged a group of young church leaders to pray that ‘God’s will’ be done in bringing about the construction of a big pipeline in the state. She also suggested her work as governor would be hampered ‘if the people of Alaska’s heart isn’t right with God’.” Let's remember, too, her position on teaching Creationism in public schools.

Sarah Palin’s former pastor and current adviser, Pastor Kalnins, has preached that “critics of President Bush will be banished to hell; questioned whether people who voted for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 would be accepted to heaven; charged that the 9/11 terrorist attacks and war in Iraq were part of a war ‘contending for your faith;’ and said that Jesus ‘operated from that position of war mode’:"

What you see in a terrorist -- that's called the invisible enemy. There has always been an invisible enemy. What you see in Iraq, basically, is a manifestation of what's going on in this unseen world called the spirit world. ... We need to think like Jesus thinks. We are in a time and a season of war, and we need to think like that. We need to develop that instinct. We need to develop as believers the instinct that we are at war, and that war is contending for your faith. ... Jesus called us to die. You're worried about getting hurt? He's called us to die. Listen, you know we can't even follow him unless you are willing to give up your life. ... I believe that Jesus himself operated from that position of war mode. Everyone say "war mode." Now you say, wait a minute Ed, he's like the good shepherd, he's loving all the time and he's kind all the time. Oh yes he is -- but I also believe that he had a part of his thoughts that knew that he was in a war.

Pastor Kalnins has preached against gays, Catholics and the state of Israel. He also teaches that
to defy President Bush is like defying your pastor and that defying your pastor is a sin. JFK was questioned as a Catholic about his allegiance to the "papacy." When will Palin face questions about her allegiance to a fundamentalist pastor who is little more than a bizarro version of bin Laden?

Are you scared yet? If not, let's read a bit of fundamentalist literature as offered by Jack Chick, the author and publisher of Chick Tracts and the Crusader comics.

Theme: Evolution

Crusaders Comic Volume 6

Frank Connelly is the producer of a television series based on evolution...but his meeting with the Crusaders and their friend, Dr. Lind, will change his opinion on what he's producing.

Dr. Lind spends time with the producer discussing various "facts" of evolution.

With proof presented to him, Frank Connelly is convinced evolution is not the truth.

This comic proves that the "science" of evolution can only be labeled as misleading theory. Many are being brainwashed in the schools and through the media into believing the Bible is false and that evolution is a scientific fact. Now it's time they are told the truth!

Theme: God and the War in Iraq

...Did you note the appreciation for diversity and intellectualism?

The double-standards of Republicans never cease to amaze me. They are rallying around Palin, rebuffing even the tiniest bit of scrutiny. With Barack Obama, they dug up every bit of information they could find about his religious background -- and it was all fair play. Not only was Obama expected to distance himself from the musings of Rev. Wright, he was expected to denounce them. Conservative voters used Obama’s affiliation with the Trinity United Church of Christ to say that he was suspect and biased, that he “just can’t be trusted.” Palin’s association with the Wasilla Assembly of God, however, should raise even larger concerns – for gays, for Catholics, for Jews, for scientists, for non-theocrats ...

Condoleeza Rice Waits with Bated Breath as KFC'S Secret Recipe is Put in Transit

And millions of "the folk" wait in ambush. Are the descendants of the Colonel's slaves who came up with his secret recipe ever going to get reparations?

From the AP:

KFC shoring up security for secret recipe

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Pssst. The secret's out at KFC. Well, sort of. Colonel Harland Sanders' handwritten recipe of 11 herbs and spices was to be removed Tuesday from safekeeping at KFC's corporate offices for the first time in decades. The temporary relocation is allowing KFC to revamp security around a yellowing sheet of paper that contains one of the country's most famous corporate secrets.

The brand's top executive admitted his nerves were aflutter despite the tight security he lined up for the operation.

"I don't want to be the president who loses the recipe," KFC President Roger Eaton said. "Imagine how terrifying that would be."

The story continues here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Looky Looky Here! It Seems We Respectable Negroes Have Won A Black Weblog Award!

Our hard work has paid off it seems. We respectable negroes have won the judges' prize for Best Blog Post or Blog Post Series for our, "What if? White in America – The Never to be Made Television Documentary” story. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For those of you who didn't catch our version of the CNN "expose" on Black America the first time around we have reposted it below.

What if? White in America--The Never to be Made Television Documentary

The fallout continues from CNN's Black in America news special. In my conversations with friends and colleagues, there is a recurring question: What would a White version of Black in America look like? A hypothetical question, yes, but one that is still interesting and useful to work through. In the spirit of Black in America, we present to you our pitch for the never to be produced, television news special, White in America.

Segment 1
White Teenagers: Out of Control and at Risk

At a time when young people should be comfortably protected by their parents while also moving forward with their lives into adulthood, white teenagers are exhibiting self-destructive behaviors which threaten to undermine the fabric of white communities. White teens and young adults are most likely to binge drink, smoke, and at the college age, to have multiple sexual partners. STI's such as chlamydia, syphilis, genital herpes, and HPV are increasingly common among college age white women. As seen in the recent pregnancy cult in Gloucester, Massachusetts where at least 17 white teenage girls endeavored to become pregnant at one time, white teenagers are exhibiting sexual behaviors that border on the pathological--in the above case having unprotected sex with strangers, including random homeless men, in order to become pregnant. The casual nature with which white teens approach sex and sexuality is mirrored through the "new" dating conventions of "hooking up" where normal, suburban, white teens--young people from healthy homes--have multiple casual and short-term sexual relationships. Contributing to this crisis, is how the sexualization of young white women through beauty pageants, popular music and film, and the beauty industry, an early sexualization which is reinforced through peer pressure, has created a minefield for young white women where many ultimately have to struggle with mental health issues such as anorexia, bulimia and body dysmorphic condition.

How can we help young white people? How have white parents let things get so bad? Where are white young people learning these lessons? What can responsible, white parents do?

Segment 2
A Plague Upon the Land: White Men, Workplace Violence, School Shootings, Hate Crimes, and Dead Wives

White men have long struggled with a culture of violence. While the culture of violence which afflicts white men has been moderated over time, American society is still struggling with this pathological behavior. White men have long held a near monopoly on being serial killers (the BTK killer, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and domestic terrorists (e.g. the KKK, Timothy McVeigh, and the UnaBomber) but the violence seems to be shifting its focus to schools and the workplace.

During the last decade or so, from Columbine, to Northern Illinois University, to Springfield, Oregon, to a high school in Minnesota, young white men have killed dozens of people, and wounded many more in murderous rampages. Workplace violence has also seen a marked increase where it has risen several orders of magnitude during the past few decades. This has been attributed by some critics to a tumultuous economy and the pressures felt by white workers:

Other critics would point to a dangerous populism brought about by the vitriol laced, "angry white male" narratives which underlie right-wing talk radio and television. Most recently, the shotgun wielding attack on a Unitarian church by Jim David Adkisson--the assailant blamed "liberals" for all of his problems--and his penchant for right wing propaganda, would seem to support this hypothesis.

Family members are often the first victims of violence. White women and children have been imperiled by the violence of white men. Daily, it seems that there are reports of white women and/or children being kidnapped or murdered (we label this the "Peterson" syndrome), often by their spouses.

These cases of white men engaging in murderous behavior are not confined to the United States, because in Finland, a high school age boy went on a murder-shooting spree at his local school. Most notably, in Austria, Josef Fritzl was arrested after imprisoning his children in an underground bunker where he ritually abused them, and in a shocking twist, impregnated his own daughter.

Is white male violence a global crisis? What can be done to stop this open season on white women and white children? What is fueling this culture of violence? Who is to blame?

Segment 3
School is No Longer a Place for Just the ABC's: Female Teachers Are Preying Upon Their Male Students

Teachers have a sacred trust. They prepare the next generation for life and are tasked with broadening their minds and intellect. However, this sacred trust has been betrayed in High Schools and Middle Schools across the United States. In dozens of known cases, the actual count is suspected of being much higher, white female teachers are having sex with their male students. As noted here, out of the dozens and dozens of reported incidents, and with rare exceptions, most of these teacher rapists are white women in their 30s and 40s. Beyond mere experimentation or moments of weakness, these sexually exploitative relationships develop and continue over long periods of time, and subsequently do irreparable psychological harm to the young male victims they involve. In some cases, the relationships involve group sex with multiple boys, or develop into "love relationships" where the teacher steals away to a foreign country in order to continue the illicit and illegal relationship.

Why are white women pursuing teenage boys? Is this criminal behavior a result of a culture which focuses too much on the sexual desirability of young women? Are older white women feeling neglected and left out? Is this recent fetishizing of white women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s--the Sex and the City phenomenon--to blame? Are white women feeling an unhealthy pressure to become either a MILF or a Cougar?

What can schools do to protect young boys from these predators? What are the warning signs that your son is being abused by a female teacher?

Segment 4
What are White Women to do? White Men, Down-low Culture, Cruising, Sex Cults, and to Catch a Predator

White men are indulging in sexually high risk and deviant behavior. While a cottage industry has been generated by the hysteria surrounding black men on "the down low," white men and white women have also been struggling with issues of sex, intimacy, and trust. In such high profile cases as the polygamist cult raid in El Dorado, Texas where 534 children were removed because their safety was at risk, to the lesser known bestiality and zoophilia cases in Oregon (where a man died from having sex with a horse), many white males have been exhibiting pathological sexual behavior.

Not confined to the masses, white male sexual deviancy is particularly jarring and disconcerting when one examines the behavior of white male elites. In a litany of high profile cases, white politicians (Larry Craig and many others), religious figures, and businessmen have confessed to living double-lives where they maintain relationships with men and women, and often involve prostitutes. Most troubling, many of these men, such as Ted Haggard are extremely homophobic and have made careers and fortunes based upon their outspoken crusades against gay people. These white men on the DL have committed a double breach of trust with their hypocrisy: they have betrayed the public as well as their families. White men on the DL are also pursuing high-risk sex in locations such as public rest rooms and internet chat rooms. As the television show, To Catch a Predator has repeatedly revealed, white men on the DL, a definition which we expand to include those men who seek out under-age boys and girls, are willing to risk their health and livelihood, and that of their partners:

These internet predators also include pillars of the community such as doctors, teachers, and religious leaders:

What can white women do? How can they know if their partner is on the down low? What are the health risks? If you find out your husband is cruising for sex in public bathrooms or on the internet how should you intervene? Should you stay in the relationship or should you go?

Segment 5
No End in Sight: The Methamphetamine Plague that is Destroying White Communities

Methamphetamine is destroying the fabric of Red State America. This easy to obtain, highly addictive drug is tearing apart families and communities. An estimated 1.4 million people suffer from this addiction, almost all of them white, suburban and/or rural. In fact, meth is no longer confined to rural America, its reach is expanding to include every part of the United States. The rural culture of drugs is so pervasive that not even Amish communities are immune from its grasp. No longer will the suburbs offer protection from the perils of this dangerous drug, as it has already has, or will shortly be, making inroads into what were once safe, white, suburban communities. Just as some parts of the United States were almost destroyed by the crack epidemic of the 1980s, entire communities in the South and Midwest are been torn asunder by this cheap and easily obtained drug.

How should you protect your family? What are the signs your child is on meth? What should the government do? Should drugs be legalized and regulated? If you live in a meth infested area what are you doing to protect your children and family? What is your day to day life like? How do you struggle through it?

Chauncey DeVega's World of Ghetto Nerds: Woodward's 60 Minutes Interview and Our "Secret" Military Capabilities

Bob Woodward, the noted journalist who has been instrumental in exposing the questionable judgment of the Bush administration in regards to 9-11, Iraq, and the War on Terror was interviewed Sunday on 60 Minutes.

Woodward is an amazingly thorough and insightful researcher: for The War Within he compiled 150 interviews with senior officials, administration officials, and contacts within the military. While much of the attention his book and the interview will receive will undoubtedly be focused on Bush's decision making, how "the surge" succeeded, our spying on the Iraqi prime minister, and the administration's suppression of information regarding how badly the U.S. was losing the war in Iraq, there is a buried gem of information in the 60 Minutes interview with Woodward. Apparently, the United States military has developed a new technology which is so revolutionary that it will change how wars are fought. Here is the relevant excerpt from the piece:

But beyond all of that, Woodward reports, for the first time, that there is a secret behind the success of the surge: a sophisticated and lethal special operations program.

"This is very sensitive and very top secret, but there are secret operational capabilities that have been developed by the military to locate, target, and kill leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq, insurgent leaders, renegade militia leaders. That is one of the true breakthroughs," Woodward told Pelley.

"But what are we talking about here? It's some kind of surveillance? Some kind of targeted way of taking out just the people that you're looking for? The leadership of the enemy?" Pelley asked.

"I'd love to go through the details, but I'm not going to," Woodward replied.

The details, Woodward says, would compromise the program.

"For a reporter, you don’t allow much," Pelley remarked.

"Well no, it’s with reluctance. From what I know about it, it's one of those things that go back to any war, World War I, World War II, the role of the tank, and the airplane. And it is the stuff of which military novels are written," Woodward said.

"Do you mean to say that this special capability is such an advance in military technique and technology that it reminds you of the advent of the tank and the airplane?" Pelley asked.

"Yeah," Woodward said. "If you were an al Qaeda leader or part of the insurgency in Iraq, or one of these renegade militias, and you knew about what they were able to do, you'd get your ass outta town."

Here are my thoughts on what this secret weapon could be:

1. Practical Invisibility. There have long been rumors of the United States possessing an ability to make camouflage which bends light in order to conceal the user. In fact, there have been public demonstrations of this technology which have demonstrated its viability and practicality. Could the U.S. military actually have this ability? Are U.S. special operators running around in Iraq a la Predator style and targeting Al-Qaeda and other bad guys?

2. Miniature Robots and/or Nanites. There has been research done by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (in conjunction with private laboratories and universities like MIT) to develop extremely small (small as in the size of atomic particles) machines which are so tiny that they could potentially enter the human body through a hole the size of a pore. Adding further fuel to the speculation is DARPA's track record of success: the Internet; modern video game and computer technology; miniaturized electronics; microchips; etc.). Simply put, DARPA has helped to created the Information Revolution and much of the technology we use on a day to day basis. Could it be that DARPA has actually deployed nanites which are keyed to target certain individuals (perhaps based on their pheromones or other genetic markers?). Or has the U.S. military developed thinking robots? Small hunter-killers like those in the movie Screamers?

3. Remote Viewing. During the Cold War the United States and Soviets attempted to develop "psychic warriors." These individuals were trained to use paranormal and ESP techniques to locate and identify people, locations, and other targets of interest anywhere in the world. The United States ostensibly discontinued its research into remote viewing sometime in the mid 1990s, while the Russians are rumored to have continued with their own experiments. Has the CIA perfected remote viewing as a viable intelligence gathering technique? Are there teams of remote viewers in a dark recessed room at the National Security Agency visualizing the locations of terrorists and insurgents, and then directing American assets to destroy these targets?

4. Directed Energy Weapons. In other words: lasers, plasma beam weapons, or some combination thereof. Lasers have existed for decades. However, their large size has made them prohibitive as weapons (even the smallest lasers would have to be mounted on a large truck or large airliner). Given that the military has access to technology which is decades ahead of civilian technology, and generally much farther ahead of what is publicly admitted to--for example, the Stealth fighter was in service in the late 1970s before the Air Force publicly debuted it in the late 1980s. Has the U.S. military deployed these weapons in Iraq? Or are they space borne, on satellites in low orbit where they wait for an appropriate target which they will instantaneously incinerate or vaporize? Could the U.S., in combination with other assets, have deployed Special Forces teams with laser weapons, who then take the fight to the highest value targets in Iraq?

5. Smart Dust. An outgrowth of the technology used in nanites (or vica versa depending on how you look at it), this innovation consists of thousands of small sensors that can be sprayed over an area. These miniature devices can also be placed on clothing and other items. Smart dust, when activated, creates its own network which then broadcasts information to a central computer processing center. In short, imagine spreading thousands of granule sized particles in an area, particles which in turn attach themselves onto anyone in the vicinity. These people then spread the smart dust to anyone with whom they have contact. Ultimately, through smart dust you have the means to eavesdrop on an entire community. Yes, the more I think about it, the smart money is that the United States has used smart dust to monitor, identify, and target Al-Qaeda, unfriendly militia groups, and insurgents in Iraq. Frightening stuff isn't it? More so when one realizes that RFID's, the tags used by stores such as Walmart to track inventory, are cousins to Smart Dust technology...

What are your speculations (however serious or comedic) about what this weapon could be? And are you as nervous about what its capabilities are as I am? That as easily as it could be turned against the enemy of the moment, it could also be used against citizens at home?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chauncey DeVega says: Tom, Say it isn't So!!!--Tom Brady Out for Year with Knee Injury

I am a proud New England Patriots mark (I have written about them here, here, and here). And I am not a band wagon fan as I have followed my team through the highs and the lows. Hell, I even took a chitlin' challenge when the Pats played Indy last year (I made a bet with Gordon that I would eat those nasty pig guts if my peeps lost...luckily I didn't have to eat those poop filled entrails). Yes, my commitment to the team is that great.

Tom, we will miss you. And thank the maker you didn't do a Broadway Joe and have that knee taken out for good. Till next year my friend.

Respectable Negro allies and New England Patriots fans: who should be brought in to replaced Mr. Brady? Chris Simms? Daunte? Vinny T? Get 'ol Bledsoe back? Stay with Cassel?

Courtesy of a Reader's Suggestion: Black Republicans Showing Their True Colors at the Republican National Convention

The following is one of my "black people make me sad moments."

See Black Republicans speaking with Arianna Huffington here.

Did you know that there were black minstrels who would put on the cork and pretend to be white in order to work in vaudeville--sort of a double blackface of sorts:

Am I being unfair?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

McCain and Palin Caught with their Pants Down! Sin, Sex, and the Republican National Convention

From the We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN):

Republicans are not properly disposing of their pornography and adult movies. At least that’s the message from the Citizens for Morality and Public Decency in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The citizens group claims they found 12,000 assorted pornographic items, including adult videos, magazines, sex toys, and other sex paraphernalia disposed of outside of the hotels and buildings used to host the Republican National Convention last Thursday.

Republican convention organizers denied that the pornography belonged to their attendees. They also denied rumors that these adult titles were distributed as either party favors or door prizes at the many semi-private events held by the respective state delegations. When pressed on these questions, a spokesperson for McCain replied that these items were placed around St. Paul to carry out a “cheap political stunt.”

McCain supporters said one of the largest caches of pornographic materials were discovered by a vendor at the Xcel Convention Center following the conclusion of the Republican National Convention. The vendor supposedly found trash bags full of adult DVD’s and magazines in and near garbage bins, and turned them over to the Citizens for Morality and Public Decency.

Today, members of Citizens for Morality and Public Decency were sorting through 84 bags of pornographic material in an effort to catalog it in order to ensure that it meets new federal regulations passed by the Bush administration which are designed to prevent underage actors from performing in adult titles.

Anonymously, several members of the community group have shared with WARNNN reporters that they are especially concerned that many of the movies are “very explicit.” Offering details, our contact in the Citizens for Morality and Public Decency shared a concern that, “…many of the titles feature older men and young women, I am no prude but some of the stuff is pretty hardcore. There also seems to be lots of military themed movies as well, stuff about marines and sailors tying each other up. I was really shocked frankly because the Republicans present such a wholesome face. I would never imagine that they would watch movies like this. Some of the stuff I didn’t even understand, I had to look it up on the internet…I never knew what a MILF was, but now I unfortunately do.”

Michael Smith, spokesman for the Republican National Convention Committee, released a statement saying that people should applaud the fact that thousands of pornographic items were recovered from the streets of St. Paul and are now safely away from where children may discover them. But, Smith has some concerns regarding the legality of the Citizens for Morality and Public Decency’s actions.

“They wrongfully took leftover bundles of property that supposedly belong to guests and attendees at the Republican Convention to play out a cheap political stunt which calls into question our morality. This action shows they have no credibility.”

Republicans have long faced charges of being hypocrites on issues of morality and ethics. McCain has faced attacks on his personal integrity since the beginning of the race from critics who point out his role in the Keating 5 scandal, his flip-flopping on abortion rights, and his marital infidelity. So severe have been these charges that McCain has set up a Web site specifically designed to fight such attacks.

Anticipating the rebuttal that these materials were placed around St. Paul by the Obama campaign, the Democrats released a statement Friday calling any assertions that they planted these X-rated and pornographic materials at the Republican convention site “hysterical.”

McCain said Friday that the Democrats and groups like the Citizens for Morality and Public Decency are trying to make the election a morality contest, and that “what they’re really saying is ‘we’re going to try to scare people about McCain. So we’re going to say that you know, ‘Maybe he’s a pervert or we’re going to say that, you know, he hangs out with strippers or that he has lust in his heart.’”

U.S. Code says the proper method for disposing of pornography is in fact burning, provided it is “no longer useable for its intended purpose.”

The Adult Video News, which produces a magazine and website dedicated to the adult film industry, says on its Web site that pornography and adult materials can also be put in the trash, when they are “worn, damaged or tattered beyond repair.”